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• An adventurer's paradise.
• Undiscovered beauty.
• Are you up for cave tubing?

Turks & Caicos

• Escape from the ordinary.
• Exceptional scuba diving.
• Explore dazzling sea walls.


• Mexico's island jewel.
• Traditional Mayan hospitality.
• Snuba diving & snorkeling.

Costa Maya

• Where Mayan history lives.
• Ancient treasures.
• Mexico's newest resort area.

Costa Rica

• Eco-tourism's hot spot.
• Protected rain forests.
• Feast on flora and fauna.


• Nature without the crowds.
• Catch up on colonial history.
• Fantastic deep-sea fishing.

Dream Blue Tours is your guide to tours, excursions, and travel experiences in the Caribbean. Whether you're a cruise ship passenger putting together an itinerary of day trips or a hotel guest looking for tropical adventure, we have something for you. Our web site features travel information on Caribbean destinations, as well as articles on your favorite vacation activities. Much of the content we offer has been provided by visitors like you. We invite you to browse, contribute, and enjoy. As any real traveler knows, planning is half the fun.

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