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Discover the Fun of Snuba Diving

Snuba diving is a shallow-water diving system developed to bridge the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. There is no safer, easier, or more enjoyable way to experience the thrill and wonder of breathing underwater. Snuba diving does not involve the bulky equipment, intensive training, and certification associated with scuba diving.

Snuba diving allows you maximum freedom of movement and full control. You breathe using a standard diving regulator, which is connected by a 20-foot air line to a scuba tank that floats on the surface of the water in a specially designed raft. As you move about underwater, the raft follows you, allowing you to dive to a maximum depth of 20 feet. You'll be able to see in detail coral formations and sea life that were only a blur from snorkeling on the surface.

Snuba Diving Your snuba diving adventure should be relaxed and hassle-free. In fact, most participants agree that snuba diving is actually easier than snorkeling.

Reputable snuba tour operators take their responsibilities seriously. Because divers may descend to a depth of 20 feet, many of the health and safety precautions related to scuba diving also apply to snuba. Your operator should inform you of medical conditions that could pose a risk. (As a start, please review the basic health issues related to snuba.)

Before you enter the water, expect a thorough briefing by a professional snuba guide. You should also look for an operation that maintains low diver to guide ratios. For example, your snuba guide should have no more than five or six divers to supervise.

Dive guides should also be well-versed in the marine life of the dive area. Vacationers often miss out on the most interesting underwater wonders because they don't know what to look for. A good dive guide should have an oceanographer's eye for the aquatic environment.

Finally, keep in mind that alcohol and diving don't mix. Snuba divers are typically first-timers. In contrast to scuba divers, they are probably not familiar with the rules of the water. Relaxing with a beer of mixed drink is fine, but save it until after you've finished your diving.

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